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diaphragm- vavle

Diaphragms Designed and Manufactured for a Valve Manufacturer

Problem Statement

One of our clients, a valve manufacturer, reported leakage from periphery in the Valve.

Air was passing through the fabric threads causing the leakage in the valve. Bonding issue of rubber with fabric was observed.

The client required diaphragms which could sustain 4.5 barge pressure.


The requirement had to be fulfilled during the Covid pandemic.

Solutions like using rubber with different hardness, changing the moulding method and using a different fabric did not work.


The below steps were followed to design and manufacture diaphragms that would fix the leakage.

•   We increased the thickness in the mould, so the diaphragm thickness also increased. 2-3 samples for trials were given which surpassed leakage testing

•   Used NBR rubber which is suitable for air application

•   Used high tensile fabric and increased the thickness of the fabric for strength of diaphragm

•   We maintained 60/65 hardness for the application

Results Achieved

After installing the diaphragm there were no leakage and diaphragm was able to sustain the pressure. The order processed included 80 NBR rubber diaphragms. The client was satisfied with the modification made and the products supplied were approved without any rejection.