Molded Rubber Parts - Based on Customer Requests
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Molded Rubber Parts

Arvico’s molded rubber parts are designed to meet stringent technical and quality standards. We offer a variety of molded rubber parts, including grommets, bellows, oil seals, bushes, spacers/striper rings, flaps, and U&V Seal packing. Rubber grommets cover rough edges of metal pipes and plates to let wires and tubes comfortably pass through them. Rubber bellows act like expansion joints and protect your moving mechanical parts from dust, humidity, and friction. 

Oil seals help close spaces between moving and stationary parts and prevent oil and other fluid leakages. You can choose Metal Inside and Metal Outside models. Bushes help reduce friction, sound, and vibrations in moving parts and are available in cylindrical, spherical, and metal bonded designs. Striper rings are used in slitting processes, and U&V seals offer leak-proof protection. Our rubber flaps are made of the best quality materials to match your needs. 

We also offer customized molded rubber parts that can be created based on specific customer requests.