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Diaphragms Designed and Manufactured for Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) Manufacturer

Problem Statement

The client reported leakage from periphery and ID of Gas Turbine.

Diaphragms were installed in the valves, but there were minor leakages from periphery & ID

The client required – Diaphragms which could sustain 10-15 barg gauge pressure


The requirement had to be fulfilled during the Covid pandemic.


The below steps were followed to design and manufacture diaphragms that would prevent the leakage.

•             We developed a new mold

•             Used Viton (FKM) rubber which is suitable for gas application

•             Used high tensile fabric for strength of diaphragm

•             We maintained 70/75 Hardness for the application

Results Achieved

After installing the diaphragm there were no leakages and diaphragm could sustain the pressure. The order processed included 6 Viton rubber diaphragms. The client was satisfied with the development made and the products supplied were approved without any rework.